Recipe: Delicious Kesar Jalebi

Kesar Jalebi.

Kesar Jalebi You can have Kesar Jalebi using 8 ingredients and 17 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Kesar Jalebi

  1. Prepare 250 gm of maida.
  2. You need 0.5 litre of warm water.
  3. Prepare 3-4 pieces of elaichi.
  4. Prepare as needed of Saffron.
  5. You need 250 gm of sugar.
  6. You need As needed of Food colour (optional).
  7. It’s 0.5 litre of oil.
  8. You need 1 pinch of baking soda.

Kesar Jalebi instructions

  1. Mix maida and warm water 10 hour ago..
  2. Cover the flour and put in room temperature..
  3. At time of cooking whisk well in round circular directions for 5 minutes this adds volume to the batter and makes it even and smooth..
  4. Now add pinch of baking soda and give a gentle mix..
  5. Stir the batter lightly and it should have a flowing consistency..
  6. Now make sugar syrup.
  7. Firstly take 250 gm sugar in pan and add 0.5 liter water..
  8. Keep stirring on low flame,so that the sugar dissolves..
  9. Boil the sugar syrup.Cook till you get one string consistency in the sugar syrup and add elaichi pieces and Saffron..
  10. Now pour this batter in the tomato ketchup bottles carefully..
  11. Now heat oil in a pan.make sure your pan is not too shallow and should be approximately 1inch deep for frying jalebis.
  12. Now squeeze the bottle and make round spirals with the batter.
  13. Furthermore when one side is partly cooked,turn over and fry the other side..
  14. Also fry till the jalebis are a light golden. Remove with tongs and shake to drain the extra oil..
  15. Then immediately drop the fried jalebis in the warm sugar syrup.Dip and turn over so that both side's are coated with the syrup.
  16. Remove and shake lightly and place them in a plate..
  17. And decorate in plate and add some Saffron strand..