How to Cook Tasty Fafda (Gujarati dish)

Fafda (Gujarati dish). This article is part of the series on. Gujarati cuisine is that of the state of Gujarat, in western India. The Gujarati Fafda Recipe is a traditional crunchy snack that is synonymous with Gujarati cuisine.

Fafda (Gujarati dish) Fafda is a popular Gujarati snack made from seeds of green flour, turmeric, and carom. It is fried crisp and served with the sauce. In Hindu scriptures, it is customary that any fasting should be eaten from. You can cook Fafda (Gujarati dish) using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Fafda (Gujarati dish)

  1. It’s 2 cup of Besan (gram flour).
  2. It’s of Ajwain 1/2 tsp (carrom seeds).
  3. It’s 1 tsp of Baking soda.
  4. You need of Oil 2 tsp for moin.
  5. Prepare 1 tsp of Red chilli powder.
  6. You need of Oil to deep fry.

Fafda jalebi ,It is the traditonal gujarati snack for dussehra This breakfast is so special to Gujaratis that it is a Sunday special in many homes. It is also a special breakfast on Dussehra or Vijayadashami. Gujarati fafda is very famous break fast recipe of gujarat. Fafda is a snack made from Gram Flour or Besan and serve with Papaya Chutney in the streets of Gujarat in Breakfast.

Fafda (Gujarati dish) instructions

  1. Sieve besan in a bowl and add salt, baking soda, red chiili, carom seeds and oil into it. Mix all the ingredients..
  2. Knead the flour with lukewarm water. punch the dough for 7-8 minutes. Leave the dough for half an hour..
  3. Now make small balls of the dough. Make as many balls as you can from the prepared dough..
  4. Take a wooden board/plain surface tray to roll out the fafda. Increase the length of one ball with hands. Press it with the palms in front direction. Roll out the thin layer of the fafda. Use knife to pick fafda from the board. Keep the fafda on the greased plate and prepare more from the other balls in the same manner..
  5. Heat oil in a pan and fry 1-3 fafda at one time into the pan. Flip and turn the fafda and fry them until they turn light brown in colour. Fry all the fafdas in the same manner..
  6. Crispy & tasty fafdas are ready. Serve with gujarati kadi and fry green chillies..

Gujarati Fafda recipe is a recipe which is loved by every Gujarati and is enjoyed by everyone. So do try out this easy fafda banavani rit and let me know about the taste in the comment box. Muthia, Gujarati Food, Gujarati Dishes, Gujarati cooking styles. Gujarati dishes are unique in their own way. They not only have a sweeter taste, but also a Undhiyu: Mix Vegetable.